Grandmas & Moms swear by it, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) advisors keep secret stash of it. The elders term it as a health tonic, top chefs use it as a secret ingredient, midwives/nannies love it as a postpartum nourishment superfood. Here are some of the frequently asked questions, we have them answered!

Understanding Rice Wine 

* Rice Wine is an age-old tonic made of three ingredients: finest glutinous rice, natural yeast, water.

* Yellow Rice Wine and "Red Rice Wine" falls under the same category of Rice Wine - the only difference is that natural red yeast is used instead of normal yeast (yellow rice wine).

* Wine Lees is the essence concentrate as a result of the natural fermentation process in form of a paste that is highly nutritional and used to cook aromatic and delightful dishes.

* Rice Wine has always been a part of our cultural heritage here in Singapore for many years. You can use it for everyday cooking (no preservatives, no salt added unlike shaoxing).

* Medical benefits of Rice Wine: 

   - Promotes blood circulation (hence highly sought after by mothers after child birth as it reduces cramps..etc. and sipped by elders as a health tonic)
   - Reduces inflammation*

   - Boosts body immune system**

   - Promotes healthy cholesterol level+

   - Presence of lactic acid makes it a probiotic, promoting good stomach health

 Psst: Chinese Premier Deng XiaoPing was advised by his top medical advisors and sipped a cup of rice wine everyday at the age of 85 

* Characteristics of an excellent rice wine brew:

   1. Color - good clarity in golden red/brown color when placed against a lit backdrop

   2. Aroma - mellow, pleasant and mature fragrance

   3. Taste - flavour should contain hints of sweetness, freshness, savouriness, nuttiness with slight bitterness/acidity all together

   4. Character - an excellent rice wine should exhibit a harmonious character of all the above, that is the characteristic of the finest brew

Expiry/ Storage/ Usage Information 

* Store rice wine in a dark and cool spot, once opened please refrigerate for freshness.

* Store wine lees in the fridge always to maintain freshness. 

* We do not add any additives hence it is recommended to be consumed within 6 months from date of purchase for optimum enjoyment.

* Sustainability -  we will be announcing soon our plans for recycling and purchase rebates in our care for the environment.

Shipping Information 

* Shipping dates are subjected to harvest dates - please check out our harvest updates before purchasing, otherwise your order will be shipped to you within 3-5 working days (Sundays not included)

* Local Shipping fee of $8 is applicable island-wide per order. (subject to change as we engage 3rd party delivery couriers)

* Delivery days are: Wednesdays (orders placed on Thur/Fri/Sat/Sun) & Saturdays (orders placed on Mon/Tue/Wed)

* We engage 3rd party delivery couriers so that we can concentrate on brewing the finest rice wine for you.

* You will be receiving automated email notifications once the courier has picked up your order and on the way to you. 

* International Shipping is not available at the moment but we are working towards it and will announce soon.

Postpartum Nourishment

* Recommended average consumption for postpartum nourishment: 4 x Premium Rice Wine + 2 x Nutritious Wine Lees 

* Perfectly safe for consumption in cooked dishes during breastfeeding as the alcohol would have been evaporated during the cooking, leaving behind a nourishing aromatic dish.

* We may run out of stock some times as we are a small scale brewer, please consider placing your order in advance to avoid disappointment.

* Bulk order discount? Approach us at +65 8779 3480. 

Terms & Conditions 

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All ingredients are listed on the labels on the products, strictly for culinary usage only. 

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