W Wine Lees is an essence concentrate that is a result of the natural brewing process. It makes an excellent nourishment and a gastronomic ingredient that is commonly known to be used by midwives in their dishes for post-natal recovery. Fall in love with this age-old heritage wine lees!

It has all the nutritional value from the finest brew of glutinous rice wine and is commonly used as a culinary paste in delectable dishes such as red glutinous wine lees chicken that can be enjoyed across all ages! The natural red yeast has long been known to have medicinal values in promoting blood circulation, improving digestion and lowering cholesterol.

W Wine Lees is handcrafted in Singapore with an heirloom recipe handed down over three generations since 1931.

  • Product Info

    Net Content: 200g

    Natural Ingredients: Sweet Rice, Natural Yeast, Purified Water.

    Note: Store in cool places, keep refrigerated for freshness. Product weight may vary due to nature of paste.

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    01 October 2021 Update:
    October Fresh Harvest Now Available! 

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